Leave of Absence

Leaves of Absence: Graduate Degree Students

A leave of absence may be approved for up to two semesters by requesting, and submitting, the Leave of Absence form from/to the program in which the student is enrolled. If the leave extends beyond two semesters, students must apply for readmission. While on leave, students may not attend other colleges or universities except with the written permission of the Academic Director for their program. Credit earned while on leave will not be accepted toward the degree or certificate unless prior approval has been obtained. In order to be granted a leave of absence, a student must be in good academic standing. A leave of absence cannot be used to avoid the consequences of poor academic performance or to circumvent a disciplinary procedure. If the request is made during the term and the student is registered, the request will be processed in accordance with the Refund Policy.

Note that taking a leave of absence can impact the student loan repayment timeline. Students who have an outstanding federal student loan or loan deferral for their undergraduate and/or graduate studies should contact the Office of Financial Aid before requesting a leave of absence to ensure that they understand the full financial impact.